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Rimis Fantasy Soccer/Football Script

We invite you to play our Rimis fantasy soccer script. Please give us feedback on any improvements, functionality and features you may need in this script in our facebook page. The script will be realesed for free as an open source program under the creative commons license for non-commercial use in the coming seasons. It is designed for easy adaptability in any of the world’s leagues. Welcome and enjoy the game. English Premier League

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Will the epl Standings change in the next few weeks?

The epl table has remained static for some time now with Chelsea leading as per the current epl table standings. Chelsea has the best home record so far while Manchester city has the best away record and looks like these two teams are the main competitors for the epl trophy as per the current epl standings; This standing is not expected to change much in the next few weeks as the pressure from other teams in the premier league is not so high; and given the fact that, third team in the epl table is five points behind the second team in the table standings.

It will be interesting to see which other teams will climb towards the top of the table in the next few weeks, but based on the history of the top two clubs past results in the epl, there is almost no competition from other rivals for the top two spots of the epl table. Manchester united, Southampton, Liverpool and Arsenal are the only other competitors that will most likely revive competition at the the top but they must achieve big epl results in the next few games if they are to pose any challenge to the two leaders of the epl league.