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Angel Di Maria completes a move to PSG Eindhoven for 44.3M: Writes a letter to Manchester United

Maria completes a move to PSG Eindhoven for 44.3M: Writes a letter to Manchester United

Argentinean midfielder, Angel Di Maria has completed a 44.3M move to PSG Eindhoven- leaving most football players questioning on the ability of Van Gall in nurturing established talents. The unsettled midfielder, who has shown sparkling performances in the early stages of his career in Benfica, Real Madrid and Argentina, was considered by Van Gall to be surplus to the requirements of Man United in his position.

angel_di_maria When Angel Di Maria left real Madrid for Manchester united, it is Juan Mata’s position which was threatened. And despite Angel di Maria above average performances in the first few games as a man united player and his being among the fantasy football favourite players of the first half of 2014/2015 season, he still had to face the wrath of losing his position to a player most people thought was the one to be benched and consequently depart Manchester united.

The departure of Angel Di Maria leaves many questions unanswered on whether making a switch to Manchester united could cost a player their career. The position Angel Maria was playing at Manchester United seems like is a career threatening position with Nani having served a similar fate despite the hype that he was the next Ronaldo when he was joining Manchester United.

In his letter, Angel Di Maria to Manchester United after the deal was confirmed; he said he was happy for the move because his family will also be happier in Paris than they were in Manchester. Angel Di Maria was signed with a transfer fee of £59.7 million, which is the fifth most expensive transfers of all time and the highest fee ever paid by a British club. His quality in dribbling, facing defenders and scoring goals is excellent and if PSG gives him a more playing opportunities injuries allowing, his undisputed talent will again flourish as the case has been when he was given playing time.

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