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The English Premier League Arsenal Transfers 2015/2016 season:Focus on Arsenal

Was this was Arsenal's silent but sure transfer window?

Arsenal has not witnessed any other silent transfer window in their recent history like is the case with the current transfer window. Since the departure of their strong leader and captian - Patrick Vierra. There has been a series of difficult seasons for the fans as they sat back and saw their good players poached by their rivals. Both from the premier league and from other major leagues around the world.

Statistics on how past deals were won evidences that they were out-musled in the negotiation table because of their lower wages as compared to their competitors. This however may be a thing of the past. Arsenal seem to have been able to convince their key players of a brighter future leading to a reduction in the departure of their key players in the past two season. Winning successive FA Cups and community shields and finishing third last season, may be some of the factors that leaves Arsenal players with less temptations to leave the club.

According to Sky News, Theo Walcott and Santi Carzola - two of the club’s most valued players, signed a deal this week commiting to stay in the club at least for the next few years. Walcott signed a four years deal that commits him to the club until the year 2020. This puts off speculation of any impending transfers of the two players and probably others - atleast during this transfer window. If transfers do indeed happen in the future, it is Arsenal who will be laughing all the way to the bank.

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