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After registration, a member has a chance to select a team of 15 English Premier League Players. A member can create only one team per account. For extra teams, you will need to create under a different user account.

Here is how to get started with our Fantasy Premier League game

1. Sign in at Rimis Fantasy Football homepage. Log in Page
2. Once you are logged on; Click Start Now to go to the team selection page
3. You will be directed to team selection page.

  • There are 4 tabs on the right side of the page. (i.e. Keepers, Defenders, Midfielders, Forwards)

  • Click on the tab with the position you want to start with.

  • Click on the header of each table in each of the tabs to filter players by: Price, Total Points, Teams, Names etc.

  • Before selecting a player, make sure he is not suspended, injured, loaned out or transferred to another team.

  • Stats on the availability of players may not be up to date due to the rate at which these stats change.

  • You may need to undertake additional research to confirm unavailable players.

  • If you need a Player from a specific Premier League team, select the team in the select option menu above the table to
    filter players by the club.

4. To add a player to the field, click on the row with the player you want.
5. To remove a player from the field, Point on that player in the field for the remove button to appear.Clicking on the remove button removes the player.
6. Repeat these steps until your team is complete.
7. After you have selected a total of 15 players. Select a captain for your team. (The Captain will get double the points in the game weeks he remains the captain of your team).
8. Click Save to save your team
Keep in mind, you've got £150M total to spend on your players when building your team. Better players cost more, so make sure to spread the wealth so you don't go broke.
Additional information
• You'll need to have a full team of 15 players (3 Forwards, 5 Midfielders, 5 Defenders, 2 Goalkeepers) before you'll be able to save and score points in the following week.

Formations and substitutions in Fantasy Football

• Every Fantasy Football manager is responsible for creating a starting lineup using a combination of 11 total players in the field. Points from the Players on the bench are only considred if a given player in the field does not play. An automatic substitution is effected when this is the case.
• By default, starting formations consist of 4 defenders, 4 midfielders, 2 forwards (4-4-2), and 1 goalkeeper.
• You can also use 3-5-2, 4-3-3, 3-4-3, or 4-5-1 formations.
Bench players
• The remaining 4 players on your roster make up your team's bench.
• Bench players normally don't earn points, but if one of your starters doesn't play during the week, the left most bench player will automatically replace them (as long as the resulting formation is valid). If the formation isn't valid, the next player on the bench will be substituted, and so on.
• You can update your team for the next fixture anytime before the fixture deadline. The deadline is automatically set to 14:29:59 London time of the date when the game is played. These dates are listed in the Fixtures menu.
• To update your team, log in at rimis.net. Click on the first row of your teams table to go to the update page.
• Changing a Player is same way as explained earlier.
• Points are updated immediately a game is completed but due to some sync problems, the update may sometime be as late as 48 hours.
• To check how your team faired, click on the 2nd row of you teams table list. You will be redirected to a page with the points obtained by each of your players as well as the total points obtained in any given week.
• The main page after login shows your rank for each game week and the rank so far as the season progresses.
• If you emerge the top manager, your account will be credited with the weekly award based on your membership plan and your total earnings for the season updated as well.